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When you enter a site name (, for example) in a web browser address bar, or send an email (, for example) you are using nameservers. The nameservers translate an address such as into an internet address ( in this case). The switching systems on the internet work with numbers, not names.

There are many nameservers available, the most common being a server called BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Daemon). The BIND program was developed when the internet was a small, cohesive community. Times have changed greatly since then, and there are security holes in the BIND program which are found from time to time. In addition, BIND is by no means the fastest nor most reliable nameserver available.

One of the most secure and easily configured nameservers is provided by CoSysCo for your business. Using the tinydns program, your internet addresses are published and your servers are secure. Using the dnscache program, your internal systems have the fastest name lookup capability because your ISP's nameservers are no longer used.

CoSysCo can configure and install your nameservers rapidly, whether you have one domain or hundreds. Contact us for further information.