Coordinated Systems Company


Why use your own mail server instead of using the one at your internet service provider? Or a gmail or Office365 solution? There are a number of reasons:

CoSysCo provides mail servers built and configured to your needs based on the most secure mail transfer agent (MTA) available, iRedmail. Your mail server can be set up to handle any number of domains, with any number of users per domain. Access to the mail server is via web browsers using HTTPS, and via mail clients IMAP-SSL, and MSA (also SMTPS) protocols. Simple mail-list management is provided, and almost all administration can be done via web browser interfaces. A variety of anti-spam techniques are available, if desired. Since any spam filtering is a tradeoff between false negatives and false positives, your system can be configured according to your desired strength of filtering. The use of multiple virtual accounts with the ability to drop known spam targets can greatly reduce the incidence of spam. Mail volume handled by the server can be small to very large.