Coordinated Systems Company


CoSysCo provides firewalls based on OpenBSD, the most secure operating system available today. The track record of only one remotely exploitable security hole in over seven years is unequalled. That one hole was found by one of OpenBSD's regular internal audits and methods of protection were disseminated prior to any exploits. No other operating system today can touch that track record.

Obviously using OpenBSD for your company's firewall is the logical choice. Included in the OpenBSD system is a firewall called "pf", which is one of the most advanced tools for building firewalls available. It is continually being extended, and has never been compromised due to a flaw in pf.

CoSysCo has experience building complex firewall systems based on pf. Most companies will not require the full capabilities of all the options available, but they are there if needed. With our firewall test setup, CoSysCo can verify the operation of a firewall configuration prior to putting it into service.

Should your firm require VPN, CoSysCo is experienced in that as well.

For further information on a custom firewall solution, contact CoSysCo today!